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Something In The Holy Water Down In Kansas

January 9, 2012

From the outset I want to admit that I’ve never been to Kansas, and other than recent media attention I’ve never known anything about it except that apparently little girls can get back there from the Land of Oz by clicking the heels of their ruby slippers together and saying there’s no place like home. From that same authoritative source – I must presume that Kansas does not have yellow brick roads, munchkins or a lollipop guild, as those were the things to which Dorothy reacted “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.” But lately Kansas, apparently the Sunflower State, has been attracting a different kind of attention.

It would appear that the quaint prairie state which was once home to Dorothy, Toto and Auntie Em is now filled with hateful fundamentalists who do an incredible disservice to the Christian Faith.

Ok – I should be fair, the state is not FILLED with them, and in fact I am sure they are in the minority – but there are two prominent ones. I read an article in the news today that the Speaker of Kansas’ House of Representatives (which is a more prominent person than a Canadian Provincial Legislature Speaker) has gone and prayed for President Obama’s death. And of course one can’t bring up Kansas and krazy without making mention of Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist “Church”. For those of you who aren’t aware they are the ones who go around saying “God hates f**s, Jews, America, Canada and pretty much everyone else too).

I wonder if Toto peed in the Holy Water down in Kansas?

Ok, I’m sorry I shouldn’t be making light of this so much. If not for any other reason than this – it’s not a laughing matter. But stuff like this (praying for the death of a President, or preaching hatred) is simply unchristian. I apologize to Kansas for painting you with this label – I’m sure you’re a great state. It’s really these fundamentalists who take their beliefs to an extreme so far disconnected from the original message that they have lost it entirely.

Friends – God has no will to leave Malia and Sasha Obama fatherless, even if Speaker O’Neal wishes it were so. And whatever happened to render unto Caesar, submit to every human authority and there being no authority except by God’s appointment? Now in every case – I’ve always believed that is more accurately applied to our systems as opposed to the individuals occupying those offices. But no where in any of that does the Bible indicate that praying for the death of a duly-elected, constitutionally abiding President is a prayer in line with the will of a God of Love.

And well to those fundamentalist groups that go around preaching hate, I’ve got 3 words for you. READ YOUR BIBLE. Even if you are a King-James Only, word for word inspiration, fire and brimstone type of Christian – the Bible still says “God is love”, it still says “For God so loved the world”, it still says that he “Is not willing that any should perish”, and it still says “Love thy neighbour”.

There is no place in Christianity for hate, nor any of it’s cousins; intolerance, condemnation and persecution.

I’m so tired of these attention grabbing false prophets getting to set the public perception of Christianity. Their message is not what Jesus taught, and it’s not what Christians should be teaching. You know what our message is: God loves you. God doesn’t look at you and see a f*g, a Jew, an American, a Canadian, a working girl or a bureaucrat – all he sees is his child, the object of his affection and someone worth dying for!

So Kansas, I’m sorry for bringing you into this but to your Speaker and your Preacher I really just want to say; Knock it off, you’ve got it all wrong and you’re making the rest of us look bad!


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